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Akash Pratap Singh promising role in action film, Main Ladega


Image Source – Akash pratap singh instagram

The trailer for the upcoming film “Main Ladega,” produced by Kathakaar Films and set to release in theatres on April 26, 2024, has taken the internet by storm. It garnered widespread appreciation from fans and critics alike. This action film tackles the sensitive subject of domestic violence and its effects on a child has struck a chord with audiences for its gripping storyline and powerful performances.

The trailer has been making waves on social media, with fans expressing their excitement and anticipation for the film. Comments have poured in praising the film’s portrayal of a young boy’s journey from witnessing domestic violence to finding refuge in boxing. The trailer’s emotional depth and impactful scenes have resonated with viewers, generating buzz and anticipation for its theatrical release.

Akash Pratap Singh in Main Ladega trailer:

One fan took to social media to express their enthusiasm, writing: “Buckle up for a cinematic rollercoaster like no other! #MainLadegaTrailer has it all – punches, palpitations, and power-packed performances.” Another fan highlighted the film’s important message, commenting: “Bollywood needs more movies like #MainLadega that addresses crucial issues with heart and power. The trailer was outstanding!”

Renowned film critics have lauded the performance and storytelling prowess of Akash Pratap Singh, the lead actor and writer of “Main Ladega.”

Under the direction of Gaurav Rana and the production efforts of Akshay Bhagwanji and Pinakin Bhakta, “Main Ladega” is anticipated to deliver a poignant and impactful cinematic experience. The film’s compelling narrative, coupled with strong performances and a relevant message, sets the stage for it to leave a lasting impression on audiences upon its theatrical release later this month.

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