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Anshul Soni – Turning Dreams into Reality with ‘High Visuals’

Anshul Soni - Turning Dreams into Reality with 'High Visuals'

Anshul Soni, hailing from Bilaspur in Chattisgarh, completed his Civil Engineering and set out on the path of cinematography nearly five years ago to achieve popularity and success as a leading music video director and cinematographer in India. He had an inclination towards music, dance, and photography right from his school days. This interest and zeal made him choose a career in cinematography after completing his civil engineering. He belonged to a middle-class family, became an engineer because his parents wanted him to, but did not give up on his dreams. He is now a popular full-time hip-hop music director, cinematographer, and content creator in the online world.

As Anshul completed his graduation in Bengaluru, he learned cinematography and video editing skills from the various YouTubers from his college days. As a beginner, he made a lot of Instagram content and vlogs. He had a lot of difficulty in the beginning, since there was not much money involved. But, with the regular cash flow, he plans to do it in the upcoming months. He also learned digital marketing skills, strategies, and content that resonate with the audience.

Anshul’s cinematography journey was full of challenges and involved a lot of sleepless nights. He began his journey into entrepreneurship by starting a company named Future Frames Studios with his childhood friend Utkarsh. The company has four core members as founders. Future Frames Studios has cemented its place in the industry by producing some amazing content for its clients.

Anshul loves technology, hip-hop streetwear, cameras, and real estate. However, he wants to narrow down on these in the future depending on the time and energy he has. Through his hip-hop music videos, he loves spreading peace and positivity among the audience. Some of the videos directed by him are Commercials for JW Marriot Romanos (Mumbai Sahar), G17 Thug Life, and G Seventeen FREE on YouTube.

Anshul Soni

Anshul wants to inspire the youth and encourage them to express their talent with freedom. He also wants to prove to the world that India has got a lot of talent in music and video creation.

Being a middle-class guy from a small town to achieving the dreams that he has, Anshul’s family and friends have played a pivotal role in his success. They have been Anshul’s pillars of strength and support through thick and thin. Success did not come easily for Anshul. However, his stubborn and never-say-die nature worked wonders for him. His YouTube channel, “High Visuals,” has 1.19K subscribers and 43 videos.

Anshul’s next video is set to be released in September 2022, inspiring a million others who dare to dream and work hard towards fulfilling them.

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