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Event Hut, creating a buzz in Event & Artist Management Industry

Event Hut, creating a buzz in Event & Artist Management Industry

Event Hut is an Event and Artist management agency based in Kolkata.

Event Hut established in the year 17th September 2017. The name of the founder is Riaz Hossain with Co-Founder Souradipta Saha and Souvik Chakraborty are one of the leading entrepreneurs in the industry. With 15 members working for this company.

However, they have covered events not only in India but across the world. More than 500 events Managed in 5yrs, Including Bangladesh.

They have also worked with many Bollywood celebrity artists. Along with also Bengali celebrity artists across the industry.

According to Riaz the Founder of Event Hut, ” To be the leading Event Management Company in India, by meeting and exceeding the expectations of our Clients through innovative ideas and the delivery of excellent service”.

Event Hut also does live concerts across India and provides the best arrangement for all the events.

Event Management is one of the important parts of managing any kind of event starting from Guest management to Audience management. It is one of the important parts of an event. The same as Event Hut work, it provides time and also works hard and tries to keep and maintain the uniqueness of an event so that the audience can visit and create a legacy of that event.

However, Event Hut has created a mark in this industry, managing and arranging 500 events in 5 years. This shows that attitude, presence, and working hard to build the company and send a good message to the audience.

The team management of Event Hut has created a mark in this industry by keeping the client’s goals as well as maintaining the legacy forward.

Hence Event Hut is a very much dedicated and innovative team that provides one of the top services by managing Events, live concerts, and many more.

Their passion is only to get success and shine in this industry and create a huge legacy so that Event Hut can compete with the global company and can achieve more success.

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