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Gypsy Events break out the records.

Gypsy Events

Gypsy Events is a multi-faceted company that takes care of corporate events, political events, private events, weddings, celebrity management, festivals, conferences, ceremonies, formal parties, live shows seminars, Award functions, Brand promotion and road show and so on. In celebrity management, Gypsy Events takes pride in doing a remarkable job. It takes extra measures in managing every event as impeccably as possible. Having successfully facilitated events in Ahmedabad, Delhi, Chandigarh, Jaipur, Mumbai, Goa, Pune, Hyderabad, and other major event destinations across the globe, Gypsy Events has become the top-notch choice of the clients.

Archna Bhatt Patel, Founder of Gypsy Events believes in delivering the best services to clients. She says, “Every event has a story that weaves a lot of memories. With the right planning, designing, styling and guidance, we make every event with great success.” Gypsy events was started in 1999 by Archna Bhatt Patel and then in 2003 She gave the company to Chirag Bhatt (Co-founder). It was inclined towards events right from his foundation days. It’s said that creativity when clubbed with management skills leads to the best results. And, Chirag Bhatt is an example of it. He along with his team has managed most of the iconic events such as the Alan walker show with sunburn on 25th September , Sunburn Arena First time coming to Gujarat with Gypsy events , DJ Snake event on 18th November with Sunburn Arena and many others.

Nikki Christian, Shshank Raval, Janvi Pandya and Bhagyesh Soni are the core team members of Gypsy Events. The Gypsy events team has organised following events.

Gypsy Events has had a remarkable journey so far. The team has attention to detail and ensures that everything goes as per the plan. As the best event management company, the professionals at Gypsy Events proactively plan and conceptualize the outcome to deliver the best on your special day.

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