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Harsh Pro – 16years old boy from Patna Bihar makes million with social media marketing.

Harsh Pro – 16years old boy from Patna Bihar makes million with social media marketing.

Harsh Pro is an entrepreneur, digital and social media marketing consultant, trainer, and masters in marketing skills. and a proud alumnus of LMC High school. He has been count in a youngest millionaire and entrepreneur in Patna Bihar.

Experience: His career at the age of 15 as SEO executive and carries about 2 years of industry experience.

Organisation: Harsh Pro spearheads smmarena, a self funded organization which aims at delivering world class Digital and Social Media Marketing skills and expertise, reached its zenith as it was recognized as ‘The Best Social Media page of 2021’ by CMO Asia.

Career: Hars Pro is just an 10 th pass-out child and currently learning coding and stoc By passion, he is an online marketing with a strong affinity towards online branding and break-out marketing techniques. Without engineering, he learned how to build things and products, and without MBA, he learned how to sell them. He has been in the online space and energetic on digital media since dial-up connections first made way to India and has seen almost the entire life-span of the Internet.

Experience: He loves to ideate and contribute towards the development of digital marketing and has 2+ years of experience in the online space, and his knowledge lies primarily in Social Media Marketing (SMM) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and his deep understanding of online user performance helps him multiple Digital Marketing ROI for his clients.

Organization: Harsh Pro is a founder of Smmarena, an agency offering digital marketing services. He is a believer in disruptive digital marketing and would illustrate himself as “Marketing Mafia”. He specializes in the designing, strategizing and implementation of digital marketing plans and campaigns, and has worked for many leading brands. He is one of few selected Google Product and Sales Trainer for Google Adwords and has worked closely with 50+ companies, including both Fortune 500 companies and start-ups, which give him a unique understanding and expertise in the area of online marketing and branding.

Harsh Pro is the founder of smmarena. He started his digital marketing journey in 2018 when digital marketing is known as Internet Marketing.
Also he is an 16 year’s old boy and the youngest entrepreneur in bihar patna with so much abilities without any professional degrees!

Currently, he’s on a mission to help young aspirants to learn digital marketing. You can check out his Instagram profile. One interesting thing is, he got more than 40,000 followers on instagram within 5-6 months.

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