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Sakib khan India most youngster influencer

Sakib khan

SAKIB KHAN – Sakib khan Instagram is a popular artist, social media influencer, and upcoming
show stop crime 2 actor. He was born on January 01, 2001 in Uttar Pradesh at a place called
kanpur in a middle-class Muslim family. Sakib khan lives with his family and his sibling in Mumbai.
His father’s name is Atif khan and his mother’s name is Afsana. Sakib khan is one of India’s
youngest and most famous Fashion Influencer, model. He has a huge fan following throughout
India and has millions of fans over many Social Media handles. His full name is Sakib khan. This
Article provide you a detailed information About Sakib Khan , age, family, Girlfriend, Wife, Career
And many More.

Sakib khan is a well known Indian actor and he is popular for sharing lip-sync videos on Tik Tok.
His videos often feature many comic routines that he Lip Syncs with other people, fans, and
follow Tik Tokers. After finding popularity on Tik Tok, he also made an account on Instagram and
found popularity there as well. Sakib khan does not have a girlfriend
begin his career in the year 2019. He created Instagram account in the same year. The actor
used to make Tik Tok videos and slowly he obtain popular through Tik Tok. He also partnership
with other Tik Tok stars later on. He also mentioned that he is motivated by Danish Zhen.
Sakib khan is a famous Tik Tok star. This is popular as Sakibk01.

Sakibk01 is now the main successful model of his age and he is recently completed Diploma in
acting Career in Mfi Films.

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