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Shifa Memon one of the popular social media star

Shifa Memon one of the popular social media star

Shifa Arif Memon
Boi- Born And brought up Mumbai. Native place is Gujarat.
My birth date is 27 September 1998. Love playing badminton .
Shifa Memon a social media influencer who has around 3.5 million followers on Instagram.
YouTube- 100k+ subscribers.

Also a fashion designer. Big dream is to have my own boutique of my own designs. And soon will do it because I’m working on it.
I make videos for Million smiles everyday. I like helping people in any situation and would want to open my own NGO by my mothers name in future. My family supported me for everything what I’m now . I like sitting with old people and would want to learn a lot from them like values, ethics & how they were in 90’s. I’m from this generation but my mind is kind of old school type.
I believe in humanity.

Also can give advice to the ones who need it. Kind off councillor you can say. I love travelling and dream is to travel the globe before I leave this world .
Want to make a lot of change in the world by making people understand about how to communicate and help others who doesn’t have anyone in their lives.
InshaAllah I’ll make myself and my parents more proud .

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