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The new production company VITARA PICTURES

The new production company VITARA PICTURES

SNEHA DANIEL SHIVAPUR established VITARA PICTURES. The production Company VITARA PICTURES specializes in producing feature films, web series, short films,Commercial films, and PR Management.

To ensure that our audience enjoys the originality, authenticity, and connection of our stories, we create our own stories with a heavy emphasis on Content.

Our basic principle of providing valuable service is one we never compromise. We are able to provide services in accordance with the demands of the client

Why are the Vitara pictures unique? due to these five tailored key characteristics, including valuable service, focus, transparency, creativity, and results.

Along with producer SNEHA DANIEL SHIVAPUR executive producer RAHUL RAVIKUMAR JOSHI and production manager SAWAN DATTARAJ LAUD, the VITARA PICTURES team is made up of young professionals that are talented, motivated, and creative.

This team is the driving force behind Vitara Pictures.

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