February 25, 2024

Kusha Kapila and Zorawar Ahluwalia announced their separation in June. While divorce might be an option depending on circumstances, it certainly is not an easy one. The content creator took to her Instagram to express her feelings about coping with the grief of separation.

Kusha Kapila expresses her feelings after divorce

Kusha Kapila shared a heartfelt post on Instagram, expressing her feelings. While our Sunday evenings might have been jolly, things were not going so well for her. Expressing her feelings, she wrote, “It’s a weird thing, this grief or whatever version of it I am currently experiencing. As overcome I am by its heaviness – I guess chest days feel like this – I am also strangely dwarfed by it, to the point of feeling like an injured nail on a pinky toe. Almost like a big bang in motion, only it’s on a microscope slide.”

“The presence of grief isn’t as bothersome as the thought – what if it never leaves me. Are we exclusive? Is this a forever thing? Like a gos vaccination scar on the upper left arm? Or was it right? Will we grow to like each other or will learn to co-exist like cordial roommates till our rent agreement expires. No renewal for me, please,” she added.

Kusha admits that new things are scary as she writes, “I genuinely do believe it has irreversibly changed the way I look, eat, talk, exist. I feel like a version of myself, quite similar but not quite the same. I hold on to my favourite songs like they will run away from me if I don’t listen to them on loop. No new songs for my old grief. Familiarity is comforting. It’s my chicken soup. New is scary, almost paralysing.”

Talking about the five stages of grief, Kusha wrote, “There is enough and more literature available on grief but none enough to prepare you. It does have its stages, that I can tell you. Yours truly thought she had evaded most stages, maybe even, grief altogether (obviously, stage one, denial). And then it hits you, like a big bang but on a microscope slide. You watch all of it happen. After all, you are behind the lens. It’s your eye on it.” Her caption read, “let’s file this under “sunday evenings are the worst”

Take a look at her post here:

Kusha’s friends seem to have her back as they showered support to her in the comment section. Masaba Gupta wrote, “It gets better K. It really does. Been there done that.” On the other hand, Pulkit Samrat wrote, “It seems hard, very hard in the moment Kusha.. but remember, share without fear, scream, shout, stay still, run, sob, laugh.. and throw away the map, just wander.. freely! Cause grief stays, but it changes.. it definitely changes and you come out as a more compassionate, loving and caring soul!.” Anaita Shroff Adajania commented, “Come over!.”

Kusha and Zorawar tied the knot in 2017 after dating for a considerable period. She had previously shared in an interview that they met at a friend’s wedding.

As we read the above post, we can’t help but wish more power to our girl Kusha. We believe she will soon be on the path to bounce back even stronger than before.

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