April 14, 2024

Alia Bhatt has made her Hollywood debut with Heart of Stone. The actress has delivered a terrific performance as Keya Dhawan in her Hollywood debut film. Alia shared screen space with Gal Gadot in the same. Now, in a recent interview, Alia revealed how Gal took care of her on Heart of Stone sets.

Alia Bhatt showers love on Gal Gadot

Speaking with InStyle, Alia said, “She (Gal) cares about every single person on her set. I told her (I was pregnant) before I came for the shoot, from that time onwards, she said, ‘I got you. Don’t worry about it. We’re going to have a great time, and this is great luck for the film.’”

Alia further mentioned that Gal was ‘always excited about my pregnancy’. The actress added that everybody made her feel comfortable on the sets.

For the uninitiated, Alia was pregnant when she was shooting for Heart of Stone. She welcomed her first child, daughter Raha in November last year. In the same interview, Alia also spoke about what it was like shooting her action scenes when she was pregnant. Alia revealed, “All the action that I did was very situational and more defensive than was anything else. But they had to be even more careful with me, because I was pregnant. Because she had been through the experience before, Gal was always looking out for me and making sure that I was staying hydrated and stuff like that. They made it super-comfortable for me.”

For the unversed, Gal shot for her film Wonder Woman when she was pregnant with her second child.

On the other hand, Heart of Stone released on Netflix today. Apart from Alia and Gal, it also stars Jamie Dornan, Sophie Okonedo, and Matthias Schweighofer among others.

Bollywood Bubble gave Heart of Stone 3 stars. A part of the review read, “If you’re looking for a one-time thrilling watch this weekend, then Heart of Stone on Netflix is the film for you. And of course, it has Alia Bhatt for all the Bollywood buffs out there!

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