December 9, 2023

He has 3 lakh plus subscribers on his YouTube account. He has been felicitated with Silver Play Button by YouTube. Currently, he has also been awarded as the ‘Rising Star Youtuber of the year’ award by Global India Awards which was organised by FABCREATORS as an artist.

Ashish Dhomne was born on 20 September, 1989 in Nagpur, Maharashtra. His height is 6.4ft. He is a Graduate . Apart from being a Youtuber and a traveller, he is also a businessman. He owns a resort in Goa. His age is 32 years. He is a Hindu by religion. His Hometown is Nagpur, Maharashtra. His marital Status reflects that he is unmarried. His Hobbies are photography, travelling & bike riding.

“Personal Details”
Name: Ashish Dhomne
Age: 32
Gender: Male
Nationality: Indian
Profession: Business Man, YouTuber
Married/Single: Single
Instagram: @ashish_dhomne_
YouTube: Ashish Dhomne

Actor -Amitabh Bacchan
Singer – Neha Kakkar, Atif Aslam
Food – no compromise for food because he is a diehard foodie
Place :- Dubai, UK, maldives
Colour: White, Red

His father’s name is Babarao Dhomne, who is a retired police officer,a very honest & completely non-corrupted Officer. His mother Usha Dhomne is a housewife. He has one elder brother whose name is Donald Dhomne, who owns a pharma company. His Sister, Shraddha Dhomne works in police department.

As he was always interested in photography and videography, he joined media field and has worked with a very renowned media platform “Nagpur Today” news as a photojournalist. During that phase, he has covered many incidents with his photography skills. He has also covered ‘page 3’ many a times which consist of entertainment news with all the glamorous life. By observing these parties, he started his own public events, liveshows, parties, celebrity events, etc. By this his  parents were so much imperessed and happy by his keen interest in photography that they even gifted him a camera. In earlier days, he even used to play DJ.

He also has equal interest in travelling across the world. He has this dream of visiting and capturing all the beauty of each and every part of the world and to fulfill this dream he started to travel from the year 2017. He has travelled Singapore
Philippins, Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia, Macau, Bali in Indonesia. He has
captured all the beauty of these countries. He had a YouTube account which he made that time but it automatically got deleted due to some unknown reason.
He was very much interested in making Vlogs of each & every moment of his travelling & uploading it in social media platform but was very much afraid and shy of showing his face to the world because of lack of confidence. He didn’t even  knew how to talk in a video or infront of a group of people. At that time, he didn’t even had any idea about voiceover. So, he uploaded a lot of videos which he made during his tours on his YouTube account without showing his glimpse. After uploading some of the videos, his confidence started boosting up a little bit by the support he was getting from public. But unfortunately, he lost that accout and all the stuff got deleted which again levelled down his moral.

After some time he again got involved in making videos and uploading them. That time Tik Tok was the most trending videomaker app and he made an account on TIkToK and started making fun related videos & started uploading them. He did this for a really long time till it got banned.  After TikTok got banned, there was a fight going on between YouTubers and Tik Tokers due to which he again got deviated towards YouTube, also YouTube Shorts were also introduced at that time. He started creating fun related shorts & started posting it. He also made some fun related & prank videos with world’s shortest women Jyoti Amge.

So because of all this, today he is standing at this position and even now he wants to work more harder and make extra efforts to grow more on this platform.


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