June 18, 2024


From Ananya Panday, Janhvi Kapoor to Raha Kapoor or Taimur, people just can’t stop talking about the star kids. They often get quite excited to know about their whereabouts. Actor Saif Ali Khan who is also a star kid spoke about how people obsess over them on social media. In a recent interview with Film Companion, Saif spoke about the star kids while giving The Archies as an example.

Saif Ali Khan on people’s interest on star kids

The Adipurush actor said, “The audience and people are so interested in star kids. I mean look at The Archies for example. They’re constantly being photographed, constantly being followed. I mean tomorrow if somebody wants to make a movie with one of them, it’s not rocket science.” Saif Ali Khan continued, “So I don’t know you have to decide where this attention comes from and why it comes. Taimur was doing Taekwondo and people were photographing him. It’s on the internet. So, we don’t want that kind of attention [for our kids].

We don’t make the star kid”, Saif said, adding, “We might make him biologically but what makes the star kid is the press. The photographers and then the audience who perhaps quite innocently just want to see a star kid.” Kareena Kapoor Khan added that even if the kid has a last name, it doesn’t mean they have talent. Adding to her statement, Saif said that it does not mean they will be successful because that’s what the audience decides.


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