June 22, 2024


Actor Ayesha Takia who has quit Bollywood a while back made a rare appearance recently at the airport. She was seen at the Mumbai airport with her son as she headed to Goa. As her rare appearance pictures and videos circulated on social media, naysayers started trolling her for her looks. Seeing people ‘dissecting’ her looks, Ayesha quickly shared a statement which only meant that trolls need to get a life.

Ayesha Takia shared a statement for trollers

Sharing a note on her Instagram, the Wanted actress mentioned that people need to ‘get over her’. Ayesha also asserted that she has no interest in coming back to the movies or limelight. She wrote, “Rushed to goa two days ago..had a medical emergency in my family…my sister has literally been in hospital. Amidst all this, I remember being stopped by paps and posing for them for basically a few seconds before flying off. Turns out there are no other important issues in the country except dissecting my looks. Been bombarded by viral ridiculous opinions of how people think I should have looked and don’t. Literally get over me yaar, I have zero interest in doing any films or any comeback like ppl are saying.

Ayesha further added, “I’m living my life happily, never want to be in the limelight, not interested in any fame, don’t wanna be in any film…so chill..Pls feel free to not care about me at all…Expecting a girl whose mostly been seen in her teens to look identical even after 15 years…how unrealistic and ridiculous are these ppl…lol. Please find better things to do with your time rather than pick apart good looking women.

Advising on what people can do apart from criticising her looks, the Dil Mange More actor said, “I’m sending back all your shitty energy. Do better people, get a hobby, eat a fun, it takes to not feel so unhappy that you need to tell a gorgeous happy woman how she’s not looking like you wanted.

Ayesha Takia was last seen onscreen in Mod which was released in 2011.

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