April 14, 2024

Babil Khan entered the Hindi film industry as the son of the legend Irrfan Khan. But starting from his first performance, he proved that he is more than that label. Babil made an impressive debut with Anvita Dutt’s artistic drama Qala. The film was an OTT film and now Babil is all set to come with his second film which also releases on the web.

Babil Khan on not getting many offers after Qala

On Friday, Babil unveiled the teaser of his second film, a comedy titled Friday Night Plan with Juhi Chawla. The film is also an OTT release. So, when asked if it bothers him not going a theatrical release, Babil told Hindustan Times, “Mujhe jo mila mene kar dia. (Whatever I got, I did that). I don’t get scripts every day. Mujhe bharr bharr ke offers nahin aate hain that I can choose and decide which medium I want to work on. (I don’t get offers in abundance to pick and choose what medium I want to work on). I give a lot of auditions and whenever I get selected, I just read the script, and if I like it, I do it irrespective of where it will release.”

He went on to add that for him the medium doesn’t matter. The actor said, “I never had the desire ki mujhe theatre mein ya big screen par hi aana hai. (I never had a specific desire of being seen only on the big screen or OTT) I just wanted to work as an actor. I want to reach the audiences and their hearts. Now, whether it’s through OTT, computers, phone, theatre, I don’t care.”

Babil on the profession of acting

Even if it is on OTT, Babil insists on the importance of having work. He asserted, “Acting is a profession where if you don’t get work, it is hell. There is no medium except yourself. You are your instrument. When you are not getting work, it becomes torturous. So, I wanted to be a successful actor, but it never occurred to me that I wanted to be on the big screen only.”

As for his roles, Babil is looking forward to show a different shade of him with each project. He portrayed an intense artist in Qala, and now in Friday Night Plan, he plays a happy go-luck guy of today. He shared, “I love to transition, I love to change. I will never be able to do just one thing again and again. Intense pakdo and woh hi karte raho, kyunki aapko wohi aata hai, that’s not me. I hate that. I want to get uncomfortable.”

Babil did win a lot of hearts as well as a lot of awards for his impressive debut in Qala. He starred opposite Triptii Dimri in the film. After Friday Night Plan, he has YRF’s web series The Railway Men, which is based on the Bhopal Gas Tragedy.

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