June 22, 2024

Jay Sharan, commonly known as Jay, is a celebrated photographer known for his cutting-edge photography skills. Jay was born and raised in Delhi and relocated to Vancouver in 2022. Over the years, Jay’s photography work has been covered by major media outlets like Mid Day and Times. His pictures have gained recognition on popular international portals such as Pixoto, Youpic, Viewbug, and Yourshot by National Geographic. Here are some excerpts from a special conversation with Jay:

Jay, when did you realize that you were getting good at photography?

“I bought my first DSLR in New Zealand, and initially, I clicked photos like a wannabe, taking pictures of myself, friends, and recording shots for memories during travels. Gradually, my interest developed as I got to know my device, practiced, and cultivated an interest. And here I am today talking to you (Sharan smirks).”

Impressive indeed. Referring to all these years, who was your critique, and who gave you honest feedback for your work?

“That’s a great question. In fact, in all the interviews I’ve given so far, perhaps no one has asked this. I joined several photography forums until 2013-2014 and started reviewing e-books. I used to share my portfolio with different photographers and take feedback from them. Many times, I uploaded images on international portals and received feedback from juries and community members. Additionally, I deeply studied other photographers’ work for inspiration rather than copying. I thought about how to showcase a particular image or perspective to the world.”

 Among the photography gear that you’ve purchased, is there something you wish you hadn’t bought? Why?

“Yes, I don’t have a drone yet, but I definitely want to get one in the future and experiment with bird’s-eye view perspectives.”

 Your work is mainly featured in nature, wildlife, and landscapes genres, but you’ve also tried other genres. Can you tell us about them?

“Well, in a way, that’s true. I travel a lot, so nature and wildlife are everywhere. I have tried fashion photography, portfolio shoots, maternity shoots, food photography, and I have even dabbled in toy photography to some extent (lol). Not everything is uploaded on the internet because sometimes clients’ requests are confidential, so I don’t upload them on public platforms.”

Nowadays, it’s the era of social media, and everyone is a content creator. Is this a good thing?

“Yes, this is a good thing. Back in the day when I started, social media wasn’t as impactful as it is today. And as you said, everyone is a creator. I myself get inspired by many people, watch their content, and still try to reinvent myself to stay relevant in the industry.”

Wow that’s so deep and meaningful! Reinventing oneself is necessary to stay relevant…If someone wants to collaborate with you, what’s the best option to reach out?

“Thank you! I’m thrilled to hear that you found it meaningful. My schedule is kinda packed due to my other commitments, yet you all can DM me on my Instagram handle “jvsphotogallery” with a detailed inquiry for the quickest response, and either I or my PR person will get back to you appropriately.”

This conversation reflects Jay Sharan’s journey, experiences, and perspectives in the world of photography. Below is the link of one of his posts displaying some of his Fashion Photography work.


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