July 21, 2024

Alisan Smart Homes isn’t just about selling smart home gadgets; they’re on a mission to build a smarter nation. Founded by Sanchit Sehgal and Sahil Yadav, the company believes that widespread adoption of smart home technology can have a profound impact on India’s future.

A major focus for Alisan Smart Homes is promoting sustainability through their products. Their smart lighting and climate control solutions empower users to optimize energy consumption, reducing their carbon footprint. Additionally, their focus on retrofitting existing appliances minimizes e-waste often associated with smart home upgrades.

Alisan Smart Homes recognizes the importance of safety and security in smart homes. Their products incorporate robust security protocols to safeguard user data and prevent unauthorized access. They also offer smart security solutions like automated door locks and motion sensors, providing homeowners with peace of mind.

Alisan Smart Homes is committed to making smart homes accessible to everyone. Their user-friendly interfaces and voice control options ensure that even those with limited technical knowledge can enjoy the benefits of smart living. Additionally, they offer products like smart lighting with adjustable color temperatures that can aid visually impaired users.

Alisan Smart Homes believes that the growth of the smart home industry can be a catalyst for economic growth in India. By fostering domestic innovation and manufacturing, they aim to create jobs and contribute to the development of a skilled workforce. Furthermore, by making homes more energy-efficient, they can contribute to reduced energy costs for the nation.

Alisan Smart Homes understands that no single company can build a smarter nation alone. They actively collaborate with other smart home device manufacturers, developers, and architects. This collaborative approach fosters innovation and ensures a wider range of compatible products and services for consumers.

Alisan Smart Homes goes beyond just selling products. They actively participate in community outreach programs, educating residents about the benefits of smart home technology and its potential to improve lives. This includes workshops and seminars that showcase how smart homes can enhance security, promote sustainability, and create a more convenient living experience.

Alisan Smart Homes is proving itself to be a leader in shaping a smarter and more sustainable future for India. Their commitment to innovation, social responsibility, and collaboration is laying the foundation for a nation where smart homes are not just a luxury, but a standard for a better future.

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