July 22, 2024
Gayathri Sreedhar,

Dr Ch Gayathri Sreedhar,

Dr Ch Gayathri Sreedhar, hails of state of Telangana, with many years of experience at National/International in Academics/ Research Especially in Human Rights . Co- Authoring of many books in human rights, Psychology/Biology and coordinated scholars, having published good research articles in indexed journals, also a Social influencer,Having demonstrated ” Happy, Be happy, tensions are common… Enjoy life with cheers” in Instagram, has brought nearly 1.0 lacs followers. Present she is working on finalization of draft of books in humanrights area.

In the field of Human rights, she conducted extensive research by studying Research Papers/ Articles written by more than 200 national and international research scholars, meeting NGO’s who are working in Human rights area and formulated a more understandable research papers with Mechanisims to improve human rights, with national / international publications and books, on that way has shown better way to upcoming research scholars and the Society in the area of Human Rights.

Conducted Research and Published Research work in Human Rights including, Women rights, Civil rights, Violence against Women and women in society for that, She was awarded Honourable Doctorate by Rainbow Charities Universal Trust on July 29th, , 2021

In a Interview with her by our Special Correspondent she stated that “ Wanted to Demonstrate and contribute more in human rights especially for women to reach the target of social Empowerment”.

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