July 21, 2024

In an exclusive interview, Ankit Thakur, CEO and founder of Daddy Book, a leading publishing house headquartered in Ahmedabad, shared his insights on how the digital age is revolutionizing the publishing industry and democratizing the process for authors.

“The digital age has broken down barriers and empowered authors in unprecedented ways,” says Thakur. “It has democratized the publishing landscape, allowing writers from all backgrounds to share their stories with a global audience.”

Daddy Book, founded in 2009, has been at the forefront of this transformation. The company’s innovative “Outpublish” program, a hybrid model that combines the best of traditional and self-publishing, is a testament to Thakur’s commitment to empowering authors.

“Our mission is to put the power of publishing into everyone’s hands,” explains Thakur. “Through ‘Outpublish,’ we provide authors with the professional guidance of a traditional publishing house and the creative control and flexibility of self-publishing.”

Thakur believes that technology has played a crucial role in democratizing publishing.

“Digital platforms have made it easier than ever for authors to reach readers directly,” he notes. “Social media, e-books, and online bookstores have leveled the playing field, giving independent authors a chance to compete with established publishers.”

However, Thakur also acknowledges the challenges that come with the digital age.

“The sheer volume of content available online can make it difficult for authors to stand out,” he says. “It’s essential for writers to focus on building their brand and engaging with readers through social media and other online channels.”

“I believe we’re entering a golden age for authors,” he concludes. “Technology has given writers the tools they need to take control of their careers and connect with readers on a deeper level.”

Daddy Book is a pioneering publishing house based in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Founded in 2009 by Ankit Thakur, the company is committed to empowering authors and democratizing the publishing process. Daddy Book’s “Outpublish” program provides writers with a unique hybrid model that combines the best of traditional and self-publishing.

Ankit Thakur is the CEO and founder of Daddy Book. He is a passionate advocate for authors and believes in the power of stories to change the world. Thakur is a visionary leader who is dedicated to transforming the publishing industry through innovation and technology.

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