April 14, 2024

Delivering New Age Environment Friendly Refrigerant Gases for Cold Chain Segment integrating innovation and experience

Could we do without heating, cooling and refrigeration? Hard to imagine! In some areas, the temperature control becomes a vital need such as hospitals, laboratories, cold chain for food products, server rooms, medicine preservation etc … But we must also worry about the impact of lifestyle on the environment. The greenhouse effect largely determines the Earth’s climate and increasing emissions of greenhouse gases associated with human activities and jeopardizes the balance current climate. The burning of fossil fuels (coal, oil and natural gas) produces carbon dioxide (CO2), the main gas responsible for global warming and increasing energy demand has led to a rapid increase in CO2 emissions in the atmosphere. Heating, air conditioning and refrigeration contribute significantly to this increase. In recent decades the impact, among other, of refrigerants on the environment becomes a major issue. Indeed, the presence of large leaks in the cooling system, the responsibility of these fluids in the destruction of the ozone layer and increasing the greenhouse effect is well established. Spurred on by the scientific community and international organizations, the refrigeration sector carries over 20 years to change its practices. Replacement of Hydro Chlorofluorocarbons and Chlorofluorocarbons by hydro fluorocarbons, has significantly reduced the concentration of chlorine in the atmosphere, which is responsible for the destruction of stratospheric ozone. But all these molecules turn out to be potent greenhouse gases that contribute directly to global warming. In addition, refrigeration systems consume electricity that contribute indirectly to the emission of large amounts of CO2. Therefore, improving the energy efficiency of refrigeration systems and the use of refrigerants with low global warming potential (GWP) are priorities that require the refrigeration sector to perform new mutations. These are the environmental tools, such as life cycle analysis, which reflect the trade-off between these two factors directly and indirectly. The objective of environmental optimization is to adapt the architecture of the refrigeration circuit properties of a fluid with low global warming potential.

The demand for refrigerant gases has gone up drastically in past few years to become the backbone of all technological advancements, be it in infrastructure, healthcare, industry, and more. According to Anand Gupta, Director, Gupta Oxygen, “Based on Individual demand, every consumer requires a customized solution based on their specific requirements. So, satisfying the customers’ expectations for the quality, quantity, logistics, packaging, and timely supplies of material are the major bottlenecks for which we need to define ourselves on a daily basis.”     

Having commenced its operations in 1963, Gupta Oxygen has maintained a stringent and continued eye for the development of new gases and inventions to its portfolio. Furthermore, over time the company has developed a highly skilled and experienced team of technocrats to establish unmatched expertise for developing new solutions and innovations.

Gupta Oxygen has come up with big Investments in the cold chain segment of gases / Refrigerant Gases. The firm has commissioned India’s first state-of-the-art blending and filling unit for refrigerant gases with the technical collaboration of one of Forbes Global 100 Company. Currently, Gupta Oxygen is focusing on bringing new solutions for its customers in the cold chain with its brand DewGas. Over the period, new Refrigerant Gases has emerged with Zero Ozone Depleting potential.

According to Mr. Rajeev Gupta, Sr. Vice President- Refrigerant Gas Business, Now Air Conditioning and Refrigeration is no more a luxury, now it has become a necessity of modern life style. Furthermore, due to Global Warming phenomenon, there has been drastic increase in demand for Air Conditioning, Refrigeration and Cold Chain Segment. In India, per capita Cold Chain demand still way behind than the western countries and increasing sharply.

Mr. Gupta, who has more than 30 years of experience in Refrigerant gas Industry, confidently shares that, “we are sourcing Refrigerant Gases from the World’s largest manufacturers of Refrigerants gas plants. Whose production facilities and quality of Products have been approved by Worlds major OEM like Gree, Midea, LG, Samsung, Daikin & Panasonic etc.

We are ensuring delivery of highest quality refrigerant to our customers in various parts of India which not only meet the specification of AHRI -700 but exceed these. We ensure Cleaning of each and every cylinder when it comes back to our refilling stations. Every cylinder is vacuumized before filling. To ensure quality as per AHRI-700 and as per ISO 9002 Norms, Random Sampling of each type of refrigerant filled packaging is carried out before final go head.

 We have invested our time, energy and capital in providing cost effective blends to our customers to provide different types of Refrigerant Gases for different applications. We are in a process of setting up application test Lab. Which will help us in registering patents on our name.

We are committed to bring entire range of Refrigerant Gases ranging from HFC, HFO and HC. Presently we are distributing refrigerants namely DewGas R-134a, DewGas R-410A, DewGas R-407C, DewGas R-404A, DewGas R-32, DewGas R-600a etc which are used in wide variety of applications ranging from all types of Room Air Conditioners, Central Air Conditioning in Commercial Places, Refrigerators to Deep Freeze, Cold Chain Logistics and Cold Rooms etc.

 Modern quality analysis Lab with latest testing instruments like Gas Chromatograph, Karl Fisher Titrator etc shows commitment towards delivery of highest quality Refrigerants. Expending its expertise in filling Portable Cans, Company has put up India’s biggest Can filling station for Refrigerants like HFC 134a, 600a etc having a filling capacity of 3 million cans per annum.

With in-house testing Laboratory, quality contro, commitment to quality and Just in time delivery, DewGas has started to  become a consumer preference brand in a short span of time.

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