May 28, 2024


Rashmika Mandanna turns a year older today and there isn’t a better way to celebrate it that by recalling why we fell in love with her. While there are many reasons we love Rashmika, today we take a look at the six times she cast a spell on the audiences with her versatile and diverse performances on the big screen.

From the spirited Geetanjali in Animal to the captivating Srivalli in Pushpa, Rashmika has consistently breathed life into diverse roles, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of viewers.

So today, let’s take a look at some of the characters that made us fall in love Rashmika Mandanna:

Srivalli from Pushpa

As Srivalli in “Pushpa,” Rashmika showcased her versatility as an actor. Srivalli’s character, with her unwavering support and love for the protagonist, added depth to the narrative. Rashmika brought a blend of innocence and strength to Srivalli, making her a memorable presence in the film and winning hearts with her heartfelt performance.

Geetanjali from Animal

In “Animal,” Rashmika portrayed the character of Geetanjali, a woman of unwavering strength and resilience. Her portrayal of Geetanjali, who navigates through complex familial dynamics and marital pressure while maintaining her individuality, resonated deeply with audiences. Rashmika’s nuanced performance captured the essence of the character, making Geetanjali a symbol of empowerment and determination.

Geeta from Dear Comrade

Rashmika’s portrayal of Geeta in “Dear Comrade” was lauded for its authenticity and depth. Geeta, a strong-willed and independent woman, served as a catalyst for the protagonist’s journey of self-discovery and growth. Rashmika’s chemistry with her co-star and her portrayal of Geeta’s emotional journey struck a chord with audiences, earning her praise for her naturalistic acting.

Tara Bhalla from Goodbye

In “Goodbye,” Rashmika mesmerized audiences with her portrayal of Tara Bhalla, a character with a myriad of emotions and complexities. Tara’s character, with her vulnerability and strength, showcased Rashmika’s ability to delve into the depths of human emotions. Her performance as Tara Bhalla added layers to the film’s narrative, earning her accolades for her compelling portrayal.

Saanvi Joseph from Kirik Party

Rashmika’s breakout role as Saanvi Joseph in “Kirik Party” captured the hearts of audiences with its freshness and authenticity. Saanvi’s character, with her infectious energy and vivacity, became an instant favorite among viewers. Rashmika’s effervescent portrayal of Saanvi brought a sense of charm and liveliness to the screen, making her a beloved character.

Geetha from Geeta Govindam

As Geetha in “Geeta Govindam,” Rashmika showcased her flair for romantic comedies with her endearing portrayal of the character. Geetha, with her feisty demeanor and underlying warmth, became a relatable figure for audiences. Rashmika’s chemistry with her co-star and her impeccable comic timing added a delightful charm to the film. Geetha is a character that audiences couldn’t help but fall in love with.

Happy Birthday, Rashmika Mandanna.

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