July 22, 2024


Actress Divya Khossla has been happily married to T-Series head producer Bhushan Kumar for almost two decades now. And contrary to several reports doing rounds, the couple is very happy with each other.

Divya Khossla Kumar and Bhushan Kumar are not getting divorced

A few sections of the media have reported that Divya and Bhushan are headed for divorce, but this news is not true. These rumors sparked after Divya dropped Kumar from her name on social media.

Now shedding light on the truth, a spokesperson from T-Series has said, “Divya Khossla’s choice to drop her married surname, driven by astrological beliefs, is a personal decision and should be respected, her addition of an ‘s’ to her maiden surname, symbolizing her astrological belief is for the same thought.”

While the actress dropping Kumar from her name was being speculated as ‘divorce’, it turns out it was only for ‘astrological reasons’. Divya Khossla’s choice to add an ‘s’ to her name is personal too. The couple’s fans can breathe a sigh of relief.

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