May 28, 2024


Emraan Hashmi, Rajeev Khandelwal, and Mahima Makwana will be seen together in Mihir Desai and Archit Kumar directorial Showtime. Ahead of its release, the trio sat down for an exclusive interview with Bollywood Bubble and opened up about Showtime, controversies, and a lot more. Talking about Emraan, in particular, he spoke about the infamous Koffee with Karan Rapid Fire controversy.

Emraan Hashmi talks about his controversial KWK episode

On Koffee with Karan season 4, Emraan had made several controversial comments. From calling Aishwarya Rai Bachchan ‘plastic’ to calling Mallika Sherawat a ‘bad kisser’, Emraan had grabbed attention for multiple reasons. Now, in a recent interview, Emraan, who is a part of Karan Johar’s show, said, “I think playing a fictional character over her (Showtime) is a guy who calls a spade a spade. Taking from the show (KWK) you just spoke about right now, I had to bear the burnt of it for quite some time for really calling a spade a spade.”

Emraan added, “When the Rapid Fire happened, I think Karan had cut the shot and he just looked around at the set and everyone was dumbfounded and he’s like ‘can you keep this?’ and the couple of people were like ‘yes’.”

Talking about the show, he said, “So I think that’s the quintessential daggu in this show. He will call a spade a spade. It’s an unheld back look at this man who’s audacious, at times foulmouthed, extremely impulsive, crazily entertaining because of the personality that he is but along with that audaciousness of the character and also the show of what it’s putting out there for the audience of a film industry in a way that you’ve never seen before. It unmasks also people and the facade that we always put up for the world. There has to be there, right? The overconfidence and that bravado you can’t always be that. So, it kind of unmasks the people behind the people that you’ve seen the whole stardom. So, I think that’s what people will really take to.”

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Showtime is slated to release on Disney Plus Hotstar on March 8.

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