April 14, 2024

Rumours are rife stuggesting that Fardeen Khan and his wife Natasha Madhvani are heading for a divorce. Reportedly, the two have been living seperately for a while now and have decided to part ways. Though there’s still a big question mark on their marriage, Fardeen’s friend reveals why the two have decided to end this marriage. Well, according to a report in Zoom TV, his friend revealed the first rift started after the death of Feroz Khan in 2009.

Fardeen Khan’s friend talk about his marriage

However, things also went South when Natasha wanted her kids to pursue their education in Dubai and Fardeen wanted them to study in Mumbai. “Distance widened their rift and they found themselves in a loveless marriage,” says the friend. Adding, “If they are suffering, isn’t it better to settle for a separation and start life afresh?” The friend also mentiond that they are on talking terms for their kids. “Yes, they do. Their talk revolves largely around their kids,” the friend replied.

According to reports, the couple have been living separately for over a year now. A source close to them revealed a leading new portal, “It’s been over a year since the two have been living separately. Issues started cropping up between the two. When they were unable to cope with the circumstances, they decided to go separate ways for the betterment of each other.” However, the revealed that the news is incorrect.

Fardeen Khan is married to Natasha Madhvani, daughter of actress Mumtaz. There was a family connection between this reuion. Fardeen and Natasha got married to each other on December 14, 2005. The couple has a daughter, Diani, and a son, Azarius. The No Entry actor offten keeps a very low profile even on social media.

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