July 14, 2024

Genius Scaffolding India Pvt Ltd today announced a significant expansion of its rental fleet, adding a range of premium base jacks and ledgers to its inventory. This move aims to provide construction companies with access to top-quality equipment for their projects, further solidifying the company’s commitment to the rental market.

“We are excited to enhance our rental fleet with these premium base jacks and ledgers,” said Saddham Patel, CEO of Genius Scaffolding India. “Our customers rely on us for reliable and high-performing equipment, and this expansion reflects our dedication to meeting their evolving needs.”

Base jacks, essential components of scaffolding systems that provide adjustable support and stability, are now available with advanced features such as high load capacity, ensuring stability and safety for heavy-duty projects; corrosion resistance, built to withstand harsh weather conditions and extend equipment lifespan; and easy adjustability, enabling quick and precise height adjustments for optimal performance.

The company has also added premium ledgers, horizontal members that connect vertical standards in scaffolding structures, known for their durability, compatibility with various scaffolding systems, and lightweight construction for easy handling and installation on site.

This expansion of Genius Scaffolding India’s rental fleet comes as the construction industry experiences a surge in demand for scaffolding equipment. By offering premium base jacks and ledgers for rent, the company provides construction firms with a cost-effective and flexible solution to meet their project requirements. With its expanded rental offerings, Genius Scaffolding India is poised to further strengthen its position as a leading provider of scaffolding solutions in India. The company’s focus on quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction continues to drive its success in the rental market.

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