July 21, 2024

Hello Market Share Market Classes is revolutionizing access to financial education by launching a comprehensive suite of online courses in share market trading. Founded in July 2023 by CEO Kabir Bhupeshraj, Hello Market is dedicated to empowering aspiring traders across India.

This strategic expansion eliminates geographical limitations, allowing students from all corners of the country to learn from industry experts and gain practical experience through live trading sessions. Courses cover diverse topics, including equity, futures and options, currency forex, and commodity trading.

“We believe that quality education should not be restricted by location,” stated Bhupeshraj. “Our online platform replicates the immersive experience of our offline classes, ensuring students receive personalized guidance and real-time market insights.”

Hello Market’s commitment to accessibility and flexible learning options is set to democratize share market education and foster a new generation of financially savvy traders.

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