February 25, 2024

Bengali actor Dev, also known as Deepak Adhikari is one of the most celebrated actors in the entertainment industry. The actor has established his foot in the Bengali film industry and has gained massive fan following for movies like Projapati. Byomkesh O Durgo Rahasya and many more. Now, he is gearing up for the release of his upcoming movie Bagha Jatin.

Dev Adhikari sat down with us for an exclusive interview with Bollywood Bubble, wherein he responded to a special message and a complaint from his girlfriend Rukmini Maitra. Not only this, Dev also opened up about his plans on getting married! Without any further delay, head on to what he has to say about his marriage plans!

Dev Adhikari opens up about his plans on getting married

Speculations about Dev and Rukmini’s marriage have always fascinated their fans and followers. Previously, the two starred together in Byomkesh O Durgo Rahasya. Now, in an exclusive interview, the Bagha Jatin actor opened up about getting married. When asked about his plans of tying the knot, Dev said, “Someday, of course I will.” Well, Dev’s fans are eagerly waiting with bated breaths for him to get hitched soon.

Further in the interview, we gave him a surprise and a shock! His girlfriend, Rukmini had a special message for him, and also a complaint! In an audio recording, Rukmini tells Dev, “I really wanted to congratulate you for Bagha Jatin, both in Bengali and in Hindi, your first ever Hindi release and I’m sure it’s going to be fab. I have to say that what you are doing for Bengali cinema and Bengal as a whole is truly commendable. The fact that you are taking the stories of the unsung heroes of Bengal who have contributed so much for Indian Independence is truly commendable. This is going to be amazing because saare duniya ke sher ek taraf aur Bengal ka royal Bengal tiger ek taraf. This is going to be great! my Bagha, you are going to roar!”

Responding to the message, Dev said, “Thank you so much Rukmini. You have always been a pillar of strength for me. Thank you for being so nice and understanding.”

Getting to the shocking part, the complaint. Rukmini said, “So Dev, I have a complaint and a question. The complaint being that, ever since I have become a heroine, whenever I have attended set with you, you have made sure on every movie set, you have always scolded me. And I have never seen you scolding your other heroines so much. Now the question is, will this ever stop? Will there ever be a day when I go on a movie set and get to work with you where you are actually nice to me. You are very kind, you are super sweet to me.”

Well, Dev had a very encouraging response to this. He said, “If you know that a coal can become a diamond, so you actually put them in a more hotter temperature and you know ke issi me heera banne ki shamta hai (It has the potential to become a diamond). Toh mujhe lagta hai ke Rukmini me wo shamta hai (I think Rukmini has that potential). She is a brilliant actress. She is a lovely human being. So I think she has all the potential. Thoda push karne me she can create wonders. I believe that 10 years down the line she will be the biggest name in India.”

On the workfront, Dev Adhikari starrer Bagha Jatin is slated to release on 19 October in Bengali and 20 October in Hindi.

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