April 14, 2024

Vikas Bahl’s latest horror offering Shaitaan – starring Ajay Devgn, R. Madhavan, Jyothika, Janki Bodiwala and Anngad Raaj, has been impressive at the box office. The film – which has collected over Rs 140 crores already, continues an impressive run at the ticket counter even in its fourth week.

During an exclusive chat with Janki over call, we asked the young talent about black magic and whether she beliefs in it. We also asked her about receiving Bollywood projects post Shaitaan’s release, the trajectory of her career and lots more. Read on to know all she had to say.

Janki Bodiwala on black magic

Talking about black magic and whether she believes in it, Janki Bodiwala said, “Yes, I do.” Explaining the reason for doing so, the ‘Shaitaan’ actress added, “We have seen it in India itself. There are a lot of people and they say some tantric stuff in a good way… it’s magic only. If it’s bad, it’s black magic – kaala jaadu. I do believe that it is there in India and there are areas where people have been practising it for a very long time, a very long time. And if we talk about black magic in our daily life, nazar utarna (removing evil eye), putting lemons at road intersections… What is that? That is the basic stuff of black magic. So, we Indians have been practising it for a very long time. It’s our own stuff. So yes, I believe that.”

Janki Bodiwala on Bollywood & Gujarati film offers

Revealing if she plans on doing more Bollywood films or Gujarati cinema, Janki Bodiwala said, “See, I focus on a good character. Post Shaitan shoot, I shot a Gujarati film. And because I love the characters, and it was something that I was looking for post-Vash and Shaitan As I did heavy characters in the last two films, now, as an actor, I want to do something very light and calm. Something that will put a smile on the audience’s face throughout, something they can enjoy.”

She contiuned, “So that is what I was looking for when I got into Gujarati films. The film is releasing this June only. That character and script clicked for me. So, I did it. If it’s in Hindi cinema (or Gujarati), if I get a character that I like – even if it’s not the lead but a good character and it will make the story light, then I think I’ll do it. So, I’m just looking out for a good character, like now and nothing in specific (industries).”

On being asked if she’s received any other film offers from Bollywood post the release of Shaitaan, Janki Bodiwala said, “Honestly, nothing like that has happened. But they complimented me, and the film. Post-screening there were many stars (who complimented me). They all were too sweet. They all came and said that like Kartik Aaryan… I have a video where he comes and says that you are amazing. Post-screening, I’ll say, and there were so many big stars there, and they all were so positive about the character and the film. So, they were really good to me.” She continued, “I can say that, but about doing a film or anything, I don’t know anything right now. So, I cannot comment on it.”

Check out the Janki Bodiwala’s performance in Shaitaan here:

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