May 26, 2024


Aamir Khan and Kiran Rao are collaborating yet again for Laapataa Ladies. Despite separation, the two continue to be cordial and support each other. During a candid conversation with Bollywood Bubble, Kiran Rao admits using Aamir Khan’s star power shamelessly so that her film comes to notice. She also talks about how her dynamics with Reena Dutta and Ira Khan can’t be defined by any sort of social tags.

Kiran Rao admits using Aamir Khan shamelessly

Aamir has been like a pillar of strength for Kiran during Laapataa Ladies promotions. Talking about how his fame has lent the much-needed gravitas to the whole process, she says, “Absolutely it has.  I fully use his star power wherever I can. I am like you’re here please stand and give us three pictures. Because we have a small film and I really need to do everything I can to tell people dekhiye 1 march ko ye film aaraha hai jo Aamir Khan ne banaya hai. I use him shamelessly.”

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Kiran on candidly speaking about her divorce with Aamir

 The filmmaker recently attended Ira Khan’s wedding and gracefully posed with Reena Dutta as well for the perfect family picture. Talking about how they effortlessly redefine modern family dynamics, Kiran shared, “I guess we didn’t try very hard for it. It’s very natural ‘We are family’ kind of thing. We just don’t think about it so much. It is what it is. This is us. So people I think find it unusual but we have always all been close and we continue to be. We don’t think that some sort of a social tag defines our real relationships.”

During the interview, Kiran spoke about returning to director’s chair, Aamir Khan’s choices and what it is to be a female filmmaker. Watch the full interview here:

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