May 28, 2024


After 13 years, Kiran Rao is returning to the director’s chair with Laapataa Ladies. The upcoming social drama is co-produced by Aamir Khan and stars Pratibha Ranta, Sparsh Shrivastava, and Nitanshi Goel. Ahead of the film’s release, Nitanshi, Sparsh, and Pratibha joined Bollywood Bubble for a fun and candid conversation. Talking about Nitanshi, in particular, she recalled how life has come a full circle from being a background dancer in PK to working as a lead in Aamir’s movies. That’s not all, she also recalled crying when she lost the actor’s autograph after shooting the PK song Love Is a Waste of Time.

Laapataa Ladies’ Nitanshi Goel talks about Aamir Khan

Nitanshi shared, “PK unki joh film hai, Love Is a Waste of Time song hai, usme there’s a scene Anushka Sharma aur woh, unki scooty aisi udd rahi hai its an imagination. So, usme audience mein, mein apne mummy papa ke saath gayi thi. Mujhe dekhna tha ki shooting kaise hoti hai. Mujhe ache se yaad hai ki maine Aamir sir ko apne se ek seat baithe hue dekha, and unhone dekha and wapas kahi aur dekhne lage. I was like ‘wow’.”

She added, “Mein unke pass tissue paper fad kar leke gayi thi autograph ke liye aur fir woh kho bhi gaya tha. Mein 3 ghanta royi thi uss baat pe.”

Nitash went on to add that she has always received love from the audiences for her work.

In Laapataa Ladies, Nitanshi plays the role of Phool in the film. On the other hand, Sparsh plays Deepak Kumar and Pratibha plays Pushpa Rani in Laapataa Ladies. Ravi Kishan is also a part of the film, which releases on 1st March, 2024.

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