May 21, 2024

The music producer, composer, and artist also founded INdpk Media, a one-of-a-kind record label.

Isn’t it astounding to know about all those people who never leave a stone unturned in turning their visions into a beautiful reality and achieving all their career and life goals? Well, the world has been a witness to the rise of many such extremely talented beings, who have shown what they truly possess as self-driven and determined professionals in their fields and have also made sure to instil more hope and positivity in other budding talents across the world. To do that in the world of music can prove to be even more taxing and challenging, but Deepak Rawat, known famously by his stage name It’s DPK, has done that and how, demonstrating his excellence as a music producer, composer, and artist.

It’s DPK is one of those rare talented beings in the music realm today who has ensured to take giant strides in the field in order to reach his highest potential and also challenge himself to further better his innate musical skills and talents. What has garnered him major attention from people is not just the outstanding talent he has shown as an artist but also as the brain behind INdpk Media, which has grown consistently as a one-of-a-kind music distribution, management, and record label, distributing music on top streaming platforms like Spotify, Instagram, JioSaavn, iTunes, Resso and 200+ other platforms.

He explains that INdpk Media is slowly rising as the Next-Gen digital distribution platform, where the team, through innovative digital distribution and promotion technology, integrates with 350+major stores, which includes both national and international platforms. Today, more than 1 million artists rely on INdpk Media, which has made it a much-talked-about company in recent times. It’s YouTube network is a huge collection of over 500,000 videos, which so far has served over 14 Billion minutes of video under their robust Affiliate CMS, Managed CMS, Kids CMS, Publishing CMS, and Music CMS.

It’s DPK is a unique musical artist who has also won hearts with all his releases so far, which can be found on major streaming sites like Spotify (

The music artist wants to continue creating such magical songs in the future and keep winning listeners’ hearts forever while also giving them mystical music experiences with INdpk Media (

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