May 28, 2024

After the shoot of dhokha, All the actors and crew members.

Delhi: Filming for the upcoming murder mystery short film “Dhokha 2024” has begun in Greater Noida, with the entirety of the shoot taking place within the Delhi NCR region. The film, produced by Sandeep Malik, explores the fragile trust between a husband and wife, with Shorya Goswami and Preeti Pandey playing the lead roles.

Umesh Kaushik, Sandeep Malik himself, Abdul Quadir Saifi round out the cast alongside supporting crew Jody Sym, Avnii Yadav, and Jerry.

Ahead of the shoot, the film’s title track, “Dhokha,” sung by Sandeep Malik, has already been released on various streaming platforms, setting the stage for the suspenseful narrative.

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