May 21, 2024
Appi Badmash Music composer & pop singer performer

Recently, Cine Artist Association of Rajasthan has come with it’s new Logo and the same has been launched in it’s office in Jaipur by Bollywood Director & Producer Mr. Pappu Verma, along with Appi Badmsh and Shiv Pawar(Senior Vice President). During this occasion there held a healthy discussion between Appi Badmash and Paapu Verma about the development/improvements of Rajasthani Film Industry.  And Mr. Verma has also been informed about the Govt. Schemes of Rajasthan regarding Film Industry by Appi Badmsh-Vice President  CAAR.

Sanjay Verma – President CAAR has also discussed about the upcoming Rajasthani Film Rules & Regulations, in details, with Appi Badmash.

Jaspreet Kaur – Joint Secretary, Sunil Yadav – Treasurer , Rahul Mittal – Joint Secretary 1, Prince Jadon – Joint Secretary 2, Renu Singh – Cultural Secretary, Vishal Chauhan – Coordinator ,Dr. Roshni Tak Cordinater 2; all these members were also present in this meeting.

Mr. Pappu Verna has guided the Core Team members of CAAR that how the association can work in order to improve and develop Rajasthani Film Industry.


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