April 14, 2024

Nimrat Kaur is one of the talented actors in Bollywood. She has been a part of films like Luv Shuv Tey Chicken Khurana, The Lunchbox, Airlift, and Dasi to name a few. Talking about Dasvi, in particular, she played Abhishek Bachchan’s wife in the same. For the uninitiated, Nimrat had to gain 15 kgs for her role in Dasvi. While she was praised for her terrific performance in Abhishek Bachchan starrer, she was also trolled for her weight gain.

Nimrat Kaur reacts to the trolling:

Now in an exclusive interview with Bollywood Bubble, Nimrat opened up about the trolling. When asked how she dealt with the criticism, she told us, “Actually it wasn’t media related at all. It was just day-to-day people. It was people I knew.”

She added, ” It was an observation on society we live in and how desensitized people can be where I could have any health reason.”

nimrat kaur, dasvi
Nimrat Kaur in Dasvi

The actress went on to add, “Well, I had a professional reason for physically being where I was but my point was actually simply that there is a lot more to a person than how they look. Your first comment doesn’t have to be about how much weight you’ve lost and how much weight you have put on. Surely that person know. If you can see it, then they know. So, there is no intelligence in that being anyone else’s business. So, that’s all. I was just interested in seeing how people react. I knew I was doing for work. But what if I was unwell? What if it was some other problems I was going through that made me put that weight on. I would have been distraught with all that coming at me.”

In April last year, Nimrat had shared before and after photos and talked about the weight gain and the trolling that she faced for it. A part of her post read, “Be kind. Be sensitive. Be graceful. Don’t make someone’s day worse if you can’t make it better. Be responsible. Make only your mind and body your business. No one else’s.”

On the work front, Nimrat delivered a great performance in the web series School of Lies. The Avinash Arun directorial released on Disney+ Hotstar.

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