June 23, 2024


After the severe backlash on Adipurush, there were reports that filmmaker Nitesh Tiwari is going to make a movie on Ramayana. In fact, actors Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor both were spotted at Nitesh’s office. Fans speculated that Ranbir and Alia will play the roles of Ram and Sita. Though there have been a lot of conjectures regarding the movie, Nitesh Tiwari revealed that he is very confident about Ramayana.

Nitesh Tiwari on making his version of Ramayana

Adipurush received a lot of hate from the fans as well as critics. People bashed the film for showing incorrect scenes. In an interview with Zoom Entertainment, the Dangal director opened up about making his film despite the Adipurush debacle. He said, “My question is very simple. I am also a consumer of the content that I create and if I’m not going to offend myself than I’m very confident that I might not end up offending anybody else.

Nitesh Tiwari on the cast of Ramayana

Rumours were rife that Ranbir and Alia will headline the movie. When asked about the same, Nitesh neither denied nor agreed to the reports. However, he said, “Very soon.” Though there’s no confirmation on their casting, it was also reported KGF star Yash has been approached for Ravan’s role.

Earlier, Adipurush director Om Raut supported Nitesh’s film. The director said, “Nitesh is a great director and a good friend of mine. I have seen his work. I have seen Dangal.” He then added, “Nitesh sir’s writings and his direction – I think that’s phenomenal. I am looking forward to the film like every Ram bhakt. As many films we make on Ramayana, Prabhu Shri Ram, and everything on Rama, I think we will all root for that film or any other film that anybody is making. It’s very important for us, it’s the greatest history of our country, it’s very important. We have to tell it as many times as we can, and as many people as possible should see the film.”

Adipurush was headlined by Prabhas and Kriti Sanon.

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