June 22, 2024

OBI9, a leading publisher of children’s literature, is forging exciting new partnerships with talented Indian authors to create a fresh wave of captivating children’s novels. Recognizing the wealth of storytelling potential within the country, OBI9 aims to amplify diverse Indian voices and perspectives in the literary landscape.

The initiative focuses on nurturing emerging and established authors, providing them with a platform to share their unique narratives with young readers. Through collaborative workshops, mentorship programs, and editorial support, OBI9 is committed to fostering a thriving community of Indian children’s authors.

“India has a rich tradition of storytelling, and we believe that children’s literature is a powerful medium to celebrate our cultural heritage and inspire young minds,” said Govind Singh Sikarwar, CEO of OBI9. “By collaborating with talented Indian authors, we are not only enriching our literary landscape but also creating stories that resonate deeply with our readers.”

OBI9’s commitment to promoting diversity and inclusivity is reflected in its diverse portfolio of publications, which span various genres, themes, and languages. The company’s latest initiative further reinforces its dedication to nurturing homegrown talent and creating a vibrant ecosystem for children’s literature in India.

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