October 4, 2023

The previous year, in November, veteran actor Paresh Rawal announced that Kartik Aaryan had been brought on board for Hera Pheri 3. He had confirmed the actors’ name on Twitter. As the franchise of Hera Pheri with the original cast is much loved, the news of Kartik Aaryan joining the franchise created a stir on the internet. The audience had expressed their disappointment with Kartik replacing Akshay in the film.

Paresh Rawal opens up about Kartik Aaryan in Hera Pheri 3

However, Paresh opened up about the same and said that Kartik will not star in Hera Pheri 3. Well, now, the hit franchise is all set to reportedly move ahead with its original star cast. A while ago, Suniel Shetty told News18 that the promos for the film had been shot. Speaking with News18, the actor revealed that Kartik Aaryan had a different role in the film and was not supposed to play Raju, a character which was aced by Akshay Kumar. He went on to say that the energy of Kartik’s character was different from Akshay Kumar’s Raju.

Paresh Rawal makes a confession about Phir Hera Pheri

Paresh Rawal had previously revealed that he was tired of memes and reels on Baburao (his character) that were going viral on social media. Speaking with News18, Paresh Rawal made a confession about himself from Phir Hera Pheri. He has confessed that he grew overconfident at the time of Phir Hera Pheri. He said, “There was a sense of overconfidence that shouldn’t have happened. Suniel Shetty Anna was earnest and honest and carried the legacy of Shyam in an amazing way.”

Further, he revealed that it was during the post-production of Hera Pheri that he realized he had not given his best. He said, “I realised my mistake when I was dubbing for Phir Hera Pheri. Mujhe samajh me aya ke maine paap kar diya hai, bahot hi ganda paap kar diya hai. Par mahol is aisa tha. Having said that, we shouldn’t have become so overconfident.”

Paresh Rawal will be seen in Dream Girl 2 alongside Ayushmann Khurrana and Ananya Panday. The film is slated to release on 25 August.

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