June 18, 2024


Controversial star Poonam Pandey is ALIVE! She faked her death to create awareness about cervical cancer. On Saturday, Poonam shared a video on her Instagram, leaving fans stunned. That’s not all, Poonam also shared a post announcing that she has opened a website – ‘www.poonampandeyisalive.com’.

Poonam Pandey defends her fake death

The post shared by her reads, “I understand that the recent news of my supposed demise due to Cervical Cancer has taken a minute to digest and I appreciate the warmth and concern that the world has extended in the last 24 hours. This unexpected turn of events, albeit startling, serves a greater purpose.”

She added, “Before passing judgement on the cat, I urge you to recognize the alarming concern burdening women worldwide. The sheer lack of awareness surrounding this issue was the mere reason that compelled me to take this unconventional step.”

Adding to that, Poonam said, “Feel free to express your frustration – I understand. But this is not just a lip service, instead I’m committing my entire body to the service of Cervical Cancer. Once you’ve portrayed your sentiments, I invite you to visit www.poonampandeyisalive.com, my gift to you, where we can come together to combat Cervical Cancer and make a positive impact.”

For the uninitiated, Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharama on February 1 announced the Government’s plans to focus on vaccination against cervical cancer for girls aged 9 to 14 as part of her Interim Budget 2024.”

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