June 19, 2024


Poonam Pandey’s death hoax has left everyone in the industry as well as the netizens fuming in anger. The actress is facing backlash for faking her death from cervical cancer. Amid facing the wrath, Poonam Pandey took to her social media and shared reactions in favour of the campaign and urged everyone to focus on the cause.

Poonam Pandey reacts to facing backlash for fake death

Taking to her IG story, the Lock Upp contestant wrote, “Kill me, crucify me, hate me, but save someone you love.” The actress further mentioned how the focus was towards raising awareness about cervical cancer and shared statistics about how it is a deadly and widespread disease. She also started trending #Focusonthecause and wrote, ”This is all we wanted. For people to sit up and notice and talk to their medical practitioners, take informed decisions. That’s all!”.

Issuing an apology earlier, Poonam defended herself sharing a post that read, “I understand that the recent news of my supposed demise due to Cervical Cancer has taken a minute to digest and I appreciate the warmth and concern that the world has extended in the last 24 hours. This unexpected turn of events, albeit startling, serves a greater purpose. Before passing judgement on the cat, I urge you to recognize the alarming concern burdening women worldwide. The sheer lack of awareness surrounding this issue was the mere reason that compelled me to take this unconventional step.”

For the unversed, Poonam Pandey’s ‘death’ news was announced in a post shared on her official Instagram handle on Friday, February 2. However, on Saturday afternoon, the actress came out in a video statement and revealed that she is alive. Her act did not go down well citizens who then slammed her for hurting sentiments.

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