June 18, 2024


On Thursday, Poonam Pandey’s team announced that she died due to cervical cancer. A day after the shocking announcement, Poonam shared a video on her Instagram, saying that she is alive. The controversial star further mentioned that she faked her death to raise awareness about the cervical cancer. Soon Poonam faced the wrath of netizens. Following this, Poonam Poonam shared a video in which she apologised for her actions. Now, in a recent interview, Poonam’s estranged husband Sam Bombay has reacted to her fake death controversy.

Sam Bombay reacts to Poonam Pandey faking her death

When asked if he was surprised that Poonam faked her death, Sam told Hindustan Times, “No. I’m delighted she did. She is alive. That’s enough for me. Alhamdullilah.” He added, “When I heard the news, I felt nothing in my heart. There was no sense of loss. And I thought this can’t be. Why do I feel nothing? Because when you’re connected, you feel everything. I think about her (Poonam Pandey) every day. And, I pray for her every day. If something was wrong, I’d know.”

Talking about their marital status, Sam said, “No, we are not divorced, yet.” He went on to add, “I am happy she is still alive. She has a lot to contribute. If someone raises awareness about an issue with complete disregard for their fame or image, let’s respect that. Poonam Pandey is timeless. She is the boldest Indian woman. Several years from now, she’ll be celebrated.”

Poonam Pandey and Sam Bombay had earlier made headlines for their relationship. For the uninitiated, Poonam had accused Sam of domestic violence after their wedding in 2020.

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