March 25, 2023
Rahul Abhua - The Goldmine of talent coming to execute India's biggest train heist 'Kakori'

A dhamakedaar highlight from the past year, the Web series ‘Bhasudi’ has garnered critical acclaim for its effortless sit-com and action web show plus a wonderful poetry collection ‘Main Shunya Hi Sahi’ book by actor, filmmaker and writer ‘Rahul Abhua’

First in a Filmmaker + Actor’s avatar and then in a writer’s avatar – Rahul Abhua has the potential to shine bright like a diamond in film biz.

Rahul Abhua and his production venture are soon coming up with a grand project ‘KAKORI’ which will be released on India’s one of the biggest OTTs Ullu Gold.

When we asked more about this web series he did not reveal details but all we got to know is that this will be India’s biggest train heist, which is written and directed by Rahul Abhua and created by Bhooka Nanga Films Production.

Asserting yet again that he will not compromise on his beliefs or the cinema he wants to make, filmmaker Rahul Abhua says he still believes that nobody is perfect and perfection is MYTH here in this field too. I am just finding my ways to make fewer mistakes.

“There are many ways to tell a story, you have to choose your path” ~ Rahul Abhua

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