April 16, 2024

Actor Rakul Preet Singh had 5 releases in 2022 including, Attack, Runway 34, Cuttputlli, Doctor G and Thank God. However, major of her films didn’t fare well at the box office. All of them are considered to be box office failures. Well, reacting to the same, Rakul said that she is disappointed with the response. However, she is happy that people didn’t call her movies ‘Khachra.’

Rakul Preet Singh on the box office numbers

In an exclusive interview with Bollywood Bubble, the De De Pyaar De actor spoke about the box office numbers. “The films were appreciated and nobody said it’s a bad film. We got a great review response on Amazon Prime when it came. But I think the last year was sort of everyone getting back into a balanced life. Coming back to normal, too many factors contributing to the box office numbers. They did not deny whether a film is good or bad. I think box office numbers didn’t (come out as) people were just not ready to come out,” she told us.

I think now I’m so happy with a medium-budget film like Zara Hatke Zara Bachke doing so well. People thought that the love genre is not for theatres anymore, so, it was proven wrong like when Drishyam worked with people. So, I think that’s a relief that every genre can work as long as you make a good film and you space out the films. Last year also, it was very unfortunate that every week there was a release. Because obviously two years, there were no releases so people were holding on to those films. There are deals that were running out so everyone had to get their films out,” Rakul said.

Rakul on her 2022 films’ failure

Rakul Preet Singh said, “Of course, it was a little disappointing I was like ‘itna ki kitna luck kharab ho sakta hai yaar.’ (How unlucky could I be?) Every film like Dr G was appreciated, Runway 34 was appreciated. I was like how! Cuttputlli, of course, did very well for Hotstar. It was the most watched film. I feel I sort of told myself and it was also the truth that at least they were not bad films. They got us great critical acclaim. I think these are films that I will always be proud of.

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Even today people say Dr G was a great film or Runway was a great film. The characters were different so I think it did contribute to my growth in some way. They will be very important in my filmography always. It’s okay, sometimes you don’t get it all but as long as people liked the work and then it did find its audience. People should watch the film, they didn’t watch it at the time of the release but they saw it later. They really even like Doctor G trended for the longest time on Netflix,” the Thank God actor further added.

I’m happy that at least people like it. Kisine ye nahi bola hai ki kya kachra film banayi hai. So no one called the films ‘kachra’ so I was very happy,” Rakul concluded.

Rakul on Attack failure

Today, everyone is understanding AI like if you saw there was an article last week. I think of someone being able to walk with the AI, some paralyzed man. I thought Attack was a very cool film but it’s just unfortunate that it didn’t (work), also, Attack came too soon as theatres had just opened, matlab one week hua tha khule. But it doesn’t take away from the fact that it was a good film,” Rakul Preet told us.

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