July 24, 2024


On July 7, veteran actress Saira Banu made her Instagram debut by sharing an old picture of her with late husband Dilip Kumar. The netizens were in awe of the picture and expected many exciting stories to come through her Insta journey. And a new interesting story about Dilip saab has come out because of her.

Saira Banu on keeping up with husband Dilip Kumar

Saira ji took to her Instagram to share a throwback picture of her and Dilip saab from their earlier days. The couple looks so beautiful as Dilip saab is dressed in a dapper suit while Saira ji glows in a pink dress. The huge smiles on both their faces are their best accessories. Both Saira ji and Dilip saab give out pure couple goals in the picture.

Along with it, Saira ji also shared how her husband’s punctuality kept her ‘on her toes’. She wrote, “Get set… ready and GO…!! Our lives were full of action… Sahib being the philanthropist and endearing person that he always was for all mankind, we were constantly going out to attend functions and get-togethers for the benefit of the needy such as The National Association for the Blind… the Physically Handicapped… The War Widows etc. He kept me on my toes and would be ready in a jiffy… I had to keep running to keep pace with him… If I were late I could hear the car horn downstairs screaming away to get me going!”

The veteran actress made the netizens all the more excited as she promised to share some more interesting anecdotes about DIlip saab in future. She said, “Will in future share his forays into shopping with me…”

It’s great to see Saira ji embracing the social media platform so beautifully. The anecdotes and memories that she is sharing makes her account so interesting. Here’s waiting to see more such beautiful memories from her.

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