June 22, 2024


Actor Sidharth Malhotra starrer Yodha has been released today and it looks like fans are already loving this action entertainer. Apart from the critics, even the fans are raving about the movie and it is a hit among the fans. We went through social media to check their reactions and much delighted to see, that people had given a thumbs-up to the movie. While some are talking about the mind-boggling action sequences some are praising Sidharth Malhotra for his ‘best’ performance in Yodha.

Without further ado, we picked some audience’s reactions to Yodha. A fan wrote on X (formerly Twitter), “If you love action movies, #Yodha is a must-watch! @DishPatani and @SidharthMalhotra are on fire. #YodhaReview.” While another one tweeted, “Can’t get over the brilliance of #Yodha! @SidharthMalhotra’s best performance yet. #YodhaReview.” There was another one who said, “Yodha is a game-changer in Indian cinema! Gripping storyline and stellar performances. #YodhaReview.

Check out audience review on Yodha

Bollywood Bubble gave 3.5 stars to Sidharth Malhotra starrer. A part of the review read, “Yodha is a cinematic masterpiece that is full of entertainment. Every frame is captivating and engaging, and most importantly, it has great re-watch value. The movie is an absolute action-packed entertainer that will keep you engrossed till the end. Sidharth’s performance as a soldier is outstanding, and he looks incredibly attractive in his uniform.

Directed by Sagar Ambre and Pushkar Ojha, Yodha also stars Disha Patani and Raashii Khanna.

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