June 18, 2024


Sanjay Dutt, Madhuri Dixit, and Jackie Shroff’s 1993 released film Khalnayak is one of the most iconic films of Hindi cinema. The film became massively popular among fans upon its release and went on to attain cult status. On 6 August, the film celebrated its 30th anniversary. In recent times, Gadar 2, which is the sequel to a cult 2001 film is breaking records at the box office. Looking at the success of the Sunny Deol starrer, Subhash Ghai has revealed he is working on the sequel of Khalnayak.

Subhash Ghai on Khalnayak re-releasing

The filmmaker, in an interview with a news portal revealed he will re-release Khalnayak in theatres. He told, “We have already planned to release Khalnayak on September 4 through Mukta Arts Cinema, where we have more than 100 screens. We will celebrate the re-release of the film with the press”.

Some of the iconic films by Subhash Ghai includes Khalnayak, Karma, Saudagar. “So you may hear some news very soon from our company about a sequel of one of these big iconic films. We have a story lab, they keep working on the story, and I am heading that department. People love nostalgia, and Ballu Balram of Khalnayak may appear on the screen in a big way,” says the director on working of sequel.

On Khalnayak sequel with Sanjay Dutt

He elaborates, “I have been getting many messages after Gadar 2’s success, ‘why don’t you make Khalnayak 2?’ So we are contemplating on it and you will hear the news very soon. It will have Sanjay and a new star, both of them together.”

Released in 1993, Khalnayak became one of the biggest hits of that year. Ahead of release, it was mired in controversy around its song Choli Ke Peeche Kya Hai. In fact, Subhash Ghai had claimed in one of his interviews that the film lost out on its National Award because of the controversies surrounding the song.

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