May 26, 2024


Actress Adah Sharma, who rose to fame with The Kerela Story, was recently seen alongside Sunil Grover in Zee 5 series Sunflower Season 2. Created by showrunner Vikas Bahl and directed by Navin Gujral the show also features Ashish Vidyarthi, Ranvir Shorey, Mukul Chaddha, and Girish Kulkarni in other prominent roles. As the show garners positive response, Adah Sharma talks about picking brave characters and being competitive.

Adah Sharma on picking brave characters

Talking about how she picks a project, Adah shares, “I pick things up only with intuition. Sometimes, I’ll just like to hang out with the people, and they’re making some good stuff. I’ve done films like that. I think one thing universally that works well with the audience is if you make a film that emotionally connects to them—not necessarily that they connect with it in real life, but they are emotionally invested in the characters they are watching, then I think the audience really looks forward to watching that film.”

On being asked as to how is Sunflower S2 different from other crime thriller comedies, Adah Sharma expressed, “I think many genres predominantly consist of crime thrillers or outright comedies, so it’s quite rare to find something as dark as Sunflower yet equally funny. I believe that’s quite unique.”

We are living in content-rich times with a plethora of streaming platforms, which also means that there is a lot more work out there now. Do you look at this as an opportunity to do more or to do selective work so that you don’t get lost in the crowd? “I don’t think so much. My competition has never been what someone else is doing clearly, because I started with a horror film. I also did The Kerala Story. My thing is just to do different stuff, to push my limits, and probably take on roles that I haven’t done before to challenge myself in all possible ways, physically or mentally, as an actor. And I don’t think you’re getting lost or getting found. If you’re doing good work, I guess people will watch.”

Adah Sharma’s upcoming movies

After the massive success of The Kerela Story, Adah Sharma is headlining Bastar: The Naxal Story which is sure to present some hard-hitting truths about the Naxals that have never been seen on the big screens.

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