June 23, 2024


Tusshar Kapoor is a doting father to his son Laksshya. For the uninitiated, Tusshar became a single father to son Laksshya 7 years ago by going through IVF and surrogacy. Given that it’s Father’s Day today, Tusshar sat down for an exclusive interview with Bollywood Bubble and opened up on son Laksshya. He also spoke candidly about surrogacy and a lot more. During the candid conversation, Tusshar Kapoor recalled his reaction when he first held son Laksshya in his arms.

Here’s what Tusshar revealed about his son Laksshya

The actor told us, “He (Laksshya) was born in the night and he came home in the second morning. The doctor brought him home and I remember I had seen pictures of him and I couldn’t understand those pictures because children look very different when they are just born. There’s a blood rush on their face and it’s not settled down yet. When he came home, he looked very cute and I held him and I put him in a cot first thing because it was too much for me to handle that morning and I went back to sleep.”

Tusshar added, “And whenever I woke up, I started my day with him, holding him in my arms. His room was ready and the music was playing. He was put into a cot and he was sleeping. But we used to come and look at his face and compared to the pictures that were sent earlier, he was looking like a very cute baby. So, we were very happy. Plus, he resembled me even at that stage. So, I was very thrilled.”

Tusshar on choosing surrogacy

Furthermore, Tusshar spilled the beans on choosing surrogacy and telling his decision to the family. The actor shared, “I wanted to be a parent and I wasn’t married at that point of time in 2015 and there are ways and means to become a parent legally. If you feel marriage is not your calling then you can adopt or you can have a biological child of your own through surrogacy and IVF which is what I adopted.”

He added, “I wanted to be very sure. I wanted to be very confident, clear and independent in my decision which is why I went ahead with it and then I discussed it with my family.” Tusshar went on to add that his family accepted his decision ‘wholeheartedly’.

During the conversation, Tusshar also opened up on inspiring sister Ektaa R Kapoor to take the same route. For the unversed, Ektaa too opted for surrogacy and became a mother to a baby boy in 2019.

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