July 21, 2024

As Urban Mandai celebrated its milestones and reflected on its journey, the company set its sights on ambitious expansion plans. Bolstered by its success in Satara and Karad, Urban Mandai aimed to replicate its model in neighboring districts and eventually nationwide.

With an increasingly digital-savvy clientele, Urban Mandai diversified its service offerings. They introduced advanced analytics, CRM integrations, and customized digital solutions tailored to specific industries like hospitality, healthcare, and education. By catering to diverse sectors, Urban Mandai aimed to become a one-stop solution for comprehensive digital marketing needs.

Moreover, recognizing the global shift towards e-commerce, Urban Mandai ventured into international markets. They leveraged their expertise in localized digital marketing to assist Indian businesses in exporting their products abroad. Through strategic partnerships with international agencies and trade organizations, Urban Mandai facilitated cross-border commerce, opening new avenues for growth for its clients.

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