June 23, 2024


Vicky Kaushal and Katrina Kaif are one of the most loved and adored couples in the Bollywood industry. Ever since the two tied the knot, they have continued to be the talk of town. From dropping adorable selfies together to getting spotted, Vickat has made headlines, and how!

Now, Vicky Kaushal took some time from his busy schedule and sat down with us for an exclusive interview with Bollywood Bubble. Given the fact that Vicky is the heartthrob of many women, one of the many things that he is loved for, is his beard. Speaking of which, Vicky has revealed which ‘bearded’ look is loved by his wife, Katrina Kaif.

Vicky Kaushal reveals the bearded look liked by Katrina Kaif

The netizens have witnessed Vicky Kaushal in three bearded looks including the clean-shaved, stubble, and full beard. When asked which looks his family, especially Katrina likes the most, Vicky said, “I should at least have a stubble on my face. I don’t like myself clean-shaven and that is purely an occupational hazard. So, I would only shave when it’s a requirement for a character. Otherwise, I like to keep some beard. It’s all dependent on the character but at least, somewhere.”

Further, Vicky stated, “Last whole year, I was clean-shaven because we were shooting for Sam Bahadur. So this year, she (Katrina Kaif) is not getting into how much beard is there. She is just happy that there is a beard. Because the last whole year, I was shaving every day for the role so she’s had it and now she is very happy this year because of it.” Well, we totally agree with Katrina Kaif!

Further in the interview, Vicky Kaushal also spoke about Katrina’s tendency to overthink and have an impulsive reaction and how Vicky helps her calm down.

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