June 18, 2024
Harshith Joyel Geddam

Geddam Harshith Varma (born on 23rd June in the year of 2004), Known professionally as Harshith Joyel or Harshith, is an Indian model, actor as well as a social media star. Who predominantly works in many ramp walk shows. As a contestant, and a Special ramp walker for, promoting brands. Harshith Joyel is also a Social media influencer who has more following and followers on instagram.He is currently living in Amalapuram and Hyderabad with his family. He was very fond of acting and modeling, so he started making short videos on Tiktok, which people started liking very much. Harshith is very cute and handsome , charming guy. He is known for his personality. Harshith Joyel loves to upload stylish photographs and reels on Instagram and also uploads videos on YouTube along with it. You will get to see this in almost all social media platforms, which have a lot of followers.
But due to Tiktok being banned in India, he started posting videos on other social media such as Instagram, moj and YouTube with the name of Harshith Joyel. Here too his content got the same support and today his followers are in thousands of followers in different social media platforms.

As a Model, he achieved many awards like in indian ramp walk shows. Some of them are – 2019 So star model of the year, Sub-title, Mr.Confident 2019 Bangalore and Andhra Pradesh Kakinada Fashion week 2022, Most Handsome and 2022 Mr.Vijayawada Star Andhar title, Subtitle Mr. Best ramp walker and 2022 Mr.star Andhra influencer for Instagram fame award.

He completed his graduation as well as he is a very talented and dedicated person towards his career and goals.

Harshith Joyel Personal Information

Full Name – Geddam Harshith Varma

People professionally know as : Harshith Joyel

Nickname – Harsha, Harshith, Joe, Joy, Joyel, Varma , Darling

Gender :- Male

Birth date – 23 June, 2004

Age (as on 2022) – 18 Years

Birth Place – Amalapuram, Andhar Pradesh, India

Current Resident – Amalapuram and Hyderabad, Telengana

Nationality – Indian

Profession – Model, Actor, Digital Creator, Influencer, social media star

Religion – Christian

Degree :- graduate

Family Members And Relatives Of Harshith Joyel

He belongs to a well settled middle-class Christian family. Living at Hyderabad and Amalapuram

Father Name – Geddam Mohan Rao

Mother Name -Geddam Jhansi Rani

Brother Name – N/A

Sister Name – Geddam Reena Riya

Harshith Joyel age is turning 18 according to 2022.

Harshith Joyel height & weight

Harshith Joyel is still a child, his height is about 5 feet 7 inches. And the weight of Harshith Joyel is around 50kgs (approx.)

Physical appearance

Height – 5.7 ft

Weight – 50 kgs (approx)

Skin colour :- Fair (white)

Eye colour – Dark brown and black

Hair colour – Black

Shoes size :- 8

Harshith Joyel net worth –

Harshith Joyel also earns a good amount of money from brands promotion and sponsorship.

Which comes from paid promotions on social media or
advertising adds Harshith’s monthly salary can range from 1 lakh to 2.5 lakh indian rupees and the net worth of harshith Joyel can range from 20 lakhs to 50 lakhs in indian rupees.Harshith Joyel salary or net worth can be more or less than this.

Right now Harshith Joyel is single. He is focusing on his Modelling career which he is influencer and also a good youtuber.

Known facts about Harshith Joyel

Harshith Joyel is one of the popular person because people are liking very much, mostly the girls are Very attracted with his Modelling style photography looks

Harshith Joyel loves his grandfather very much. Who had his name was Vipparthi Raju.

Harshith Joyel always keep his fans updated about his new videos through his Instagram stories.

Harshith Joyel is famous for posting his modelling photos on Instagram.

He was a little scientist in School Days, and he won so many national awards in his schooling Days, and he went for many science competitions when he was studying 6th standard to 10th standard.

Harshith Joyel always shares his handsome and stylish photos on Instagram.

Instagram:- https://instagram.com/harshith.joyel?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=

Twitter :- https://twitter.com/Harshith_joyel?t=RPYTqzMH1uu5jmfUAhm1GA&s=09

Facebook :- https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100086099505364

Pinterest :- https://pin.it/1T2zTCB

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