April 14, 2024

The state of Manipur is in a distressed situation currently with communal violence between Meitei and Kukis on the rise. Things worsened when a ‘Tribal Solidarity March’ took place protesting Meitei’s pursuit for a Scheduled Tribe (ST) status on May 3. Now a video of 2 women has surfaced from Manipur that has shook the nation. And many Bollywood celebs have come out and raised their voices against it.

Bollywood celebs react to viral video from Manipur violence

The video sees the women being harassed and assaulted while being paraded on the streets in a disgusting way. Many Bollywood celebs have come out and expressed their anger and disgust over the incident. Akshay Kumar took to his Twitter and wrote, “Shaken, disgusted to see the video of violence against women in Manipur. I hope the culprits get such a harsh punishment that no one ever thinks of doing a horrifying thing like this again.”

Kiara Advani was shook to the core and demanded justice for the women in the video. She said, “The video of violence against women in Manipur is horrifying and has shaken me to the core. I pray the women get justice at the earliest. Those responsible must face the most SEVERE punishment they deserve.”

Riteish Deshmukh also reacted to it, calling it an ‘attack against humanity’. He wrote, “Deeply disturbed with the visuals of the atrocities against the women in Manipur… I am seething with anger… no man should go unpunished for such crime. Attack on the dignity of a woman is an attack on humanity itself.”

Sonu Sood lamented the act and expressed his shock and disgust. He said, “Manipur video has shaken everyone’s soul. It was humanity that was paraded..not the women.” Richa Chadha called the act, “Shameful! Horrific! Lawless!”

Renuka Shahane was also angry and hurt by this act. She wrote, “Is there no one to stop the atrocities in Manipur? If you are not shaken to the core by that disturbing video of two women, is it even right to call oneself human, let alone Bharatiya or Indian!”

Manipur violence

Manipur has been in a state of violence for over the last two months. It started on May 3 when a communal clash between Meitei and Kuki tribe erupted. Over 140 people had been killed in this clash until the start of July and many more left wounded. Approximately 54,488 people are reported to be displaced, internally. The dispute is over the Meitei people asking for a ST status while the tribal communities protesting it.

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